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I landed in Nashville in 1976, fresh out of grad school with a MA in Architectural History, and began working with the Metro Historical Commission. My job was to help revitalize historic neighborhoods. I cut my Nashville teeth in East Nashville, Germantown, Richland-West End, Belmont and Lower Broad.

I went from there to marketing, where I spent twenty-five years concepting, designing, and writing cool stuff for all sorts of clients – helping them identify their unique brands, and promote their products and services.

Along the way, I’ve done my share of volunteering – mental health, the arts, children’s issues, local government – working to make my small corner of my adopted hometown a better place. I like to help.


It has all led me to Village. I’m wrapping my in-depth experience of the city, my ability to promote and sell, and my concern for people and community into a client-focused, house-positive real estate practice.

I definitely enjoy the people side of this business, but I’m also a lover of all things architectural, so I enjoy the amazing variety of houses I get to work with. Makes no difference what you want to sell or want to buy. Bring it on. I love houses!

If it comes to preferences, I’m a big 20th century fan – from the Transitional Victorians of the first decade, through the Craftsman era, the Period Revivals of the 20s and 30s, to the Mid-Century Ranches and Moderns – especially the moderns! I know them all and love them all.

If that sounds good to you, let’s talk real estate!