Elliott 16

elliott 16 to use.jpg

Here’s a new one. Not a classic, but deserving of that status, perhaps.
I’m on the sales team for a development in Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood that involves the conversion of the historic Elliott School, built in 1916, into condos. In the spring, we had a party to celebrate the beginning of construction and introduce the project to fellow realtors and Germantown neighbors. 
We decided to have a signature cocktail for the event, so I pulled this idea from an email someone had sent me and adjusted the proportions. The sales team decided to call it the Elliott 16.

Et voila! Instant classic!
Good name, greattipple. Bubbly, slightly tart, and just wonderful for summer sipping!

Elliott 16

  • 1 ounce Campari

  • 1 ounce orange juice – fresh squeezed is best, of course

  • Top with bubbly – doesn't matter too much which kind – proseco, cava, or champagne – as long as it's light and dry.

Shake the first two ingredients with ice to get them very cold, pour into a flute, and top off with bubbly.