Man o' War

Another autumnal drinking option …

This assumes, of course, that autumn will actually arrive someday. In the spirit of hope, we press on.

When the weather turns chilly – or in this case, less hot – whiskey-based drinks with a big belt of flavor always seem to do the trick at cocktail hour. No more citrusy sipping for us until next spring.

The Man o' War is just such a cocktail. A favorite of our friends, Jim, Brian, and another Brian, we present it here as they make it. Some recipes call for lemon juice. Our guys use lime. 

Somehow the lime juice adds a relatively gentle spicy-sour punch that counters the sweetness of the vermouth and triple sec perfectly. Add all that to a big, full-flavored bourbon, and you've got a flavor bomb you won't soon forget.  

Were're told this cocktail was named for the ultra-famous race horse of the same name, and therefore is best made with Kentucky bourbon. All that is fine with us, but not a critical factor. We just like to drink them. So will you.

Man o' War

  • 2 parts bourbon
  • 2 parts lime juice (And by now surely you know – you gotta squeeze it.)
  • 1 part sweet vermouth
  • 1 part triple sec 

Garnish with a bit of lime peel if you'd like.