A refreshing little spring sparkler

Sunday, I attended an Easer brunch with friends. Each of us had been assigned something to contribute to the occasion. My friend Pam brought the Mimosas. Along with the traditional orange juice – nothing wrong with that! – she brought grapefruit juice. Well! What a refreshing twist on an old favorite.

To my non-surprise, the orange juice version was sipped, but the grapefruit version was guzzled. So, that got me thinking. Maybe add a tweak here or there, and I have a cocktail of the month for April.

I decided to try adding different bitters to push the flavor different directions, and lift it just a half-step out of the ordinary. The results were gratifying and I’m calling it the Pammosa. For Pam. And Mimosa. Get it?

It’s lovely whatever you call it. Like a Mimosa but not as sweet. So, a touch more adult and refreshing.

And the bitters can really make it unique. I tried out various bitters on another bunch of friends, and our favorites were:

  • grapefruit, which intensified the existing flavor
  • cherry, which made it a little sweeter
  • rhubarb, which added a slight bitter whang 

All delicious.

Naturally, fresh squeezed juice is best, but not-from-concentrate bottled stuff will do. And no need to shell out a bunch of bucks for fine champagne. Any old prosecco or cava will work fine as long as it’s fairly dry.

So, grab a grapefruit, pop a cork, and spring into the season.


  • Pour about an ounce, or an ounce and a half of juice in a flute,
  • give it a good shake or two of bitters, and
  • top with bubbly

Simple! Scintilating!