Tania’s Testament

Crispness  and clarity as summer slides into fall

If you’ve been reading me on cocktails for a while, you know I love the classics. But now and then, it’s time for something brand new, even something I’ve made up myself. Tania’s Testament – so named because my friend Tania Owen pointed me in this direction – is just such a drink.
Last month, Tania texted to say that she had been enjoying pamplemousse (that would be grapefruit to all us English-speakers) liqueur, and challenged me to find new uses for it. Never one to shrink from a cocktail challenge, I went directly to the liquor store and began rummaging around in the liquor cabinet as soon as I got home. 

The quintessential three-ingredient cocktail formula calls for two parts of a base sprit and one part each of something sweet and something sour. So, I started with gin, the ultimate cocktail base, and added the pamplemousse liqueur as something sweet and lime juice as something sour. And voila –Tania’s Testament.


This is a great one for hot weather – so refreshing over the past several HOT weeks – but it will also go nicely into the fall. It’s very crisp and clean – like the fall air. 
Sip a few of these before the cold weather sets in. You’ll thank me. And Tania. And gin. And citrus!
Tania’s Testament

  • Two parts gin (any good London dry will do)

  • One part pamplemousse liqueur (see below)

  • One part fresh lime juice

 Shake the mix until freezing cold and serve straight up.

A word on ingredients: There are several brands of pamplemousse liqueur – all French – on the market, but the one I’ve been able to find easily in the larger stores is made by Combier, the same folks who bring us that lovely orange liqueur I often use in Sidecars.