Earlier this month Kate attended a reception at the David Lusk Gallery featuring an exhibit of Ted Faiers’ artwork paired with a collection of stunning mid-century modern furniture.  Here are her thoughts:

A collaboration of the gallery at 516 Hagan Street and E.T. Burk, the show was a great example of how Nashville is holding its own with what are considered much more sophisticated cities. 

As a group of us stood together, sipped and visited, we talked about the ways Nashville is gaining recognition beyond music.  We considered where a “Design District” with interior design, architecture, furniture and other resources in close proximity to each other might evolve. We debated “where and when?” but agreed happily that it’s really just a matter of time.

We’re on the national radar now and there is increasing optimism that all the design resources we need will find their way here, or even better, will emerge from a home-grown pool of talent just waiting for a bigger, broader audience.  It was a great conversation.  And because of the space and the people I didn’t have to imagine I was standing in a sophisticated gallery…in a big city…in another part of the country. I was right here at home.

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Mid-century style in Nashville

At KateDavidHomes we love mid-century modern architecture, furniture, cocktails—the works. Nashville has very few neighborhoods featuring homes that meet the strict definition of mid-century modern but it still has a pretty substantial inventory of 50’s-60’s housing created in Atomic Ranch style.  One-level living, brick, hardwood floors, fireplaces, cocktail shakers and reasonable square footage are hallmarks of these generally affordable housing workhorses.

Want to know where to find the affordable neighborhoods where these homes are located?  Give us a shout and we’ll talk Atomic Ranch neighborhoods with you. 

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