A Change is Coming in the New Year

The two-and-a-half years since KateDavidHomes became a concept has flown by. It has been both exhilarating and intense – learning the business, marketing ourselves, finding the right deals, and taking care of clients. It has certainly kept us busy.
As 2017 approaches, Kate has decided to make a change.
KateDavidHomes has been a team effort, but starting January 1, 2017, David will carry on and Kate will turn her full attention to other responsibilities and some new challenges.
In addition to being a realtor, Kate is many other things – a nonprofit consultant, a landlord, a step-mom, a mid-century modern homeowner and College Hill neighbor, a button collector, gardener and pet owner. Her plate isn’t just full – the whole dining room table is loaded – and when she leaves real estate, she will not be idle!
Delivering great service to clients and building a business requires and deserves all-out effort. David gets that and embraces the challenge. He’s been dedicated to both clients and our business since July of 2014, and he plans to be at it indefinitely.
It’s our hope that all of you who know Kate will continue reading this newsletter and get to know David. The business is growing, as is the experience and expertise David brings to it. He will continue to serve your estate needs professionally and reliably – and a cocktail recipe will still arrive in your email box every month.