On August 21, most of us here in Nashville had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We witnessed a total eclipse of the sun.
It was great! The town was one big party zone. I was part of an eclipse lunch that included good friends, good food, and plenty of champagne. There were a few clouds drifting by during the morning, but when the moment came, they had all flown away and we experienced a breathtaking show.
Mesmerizing. Oddly mysterious. Surprisingly emotional.
Of course, it made me think of real estate. I think about real estate all the time. 

august 17 strip.jpg

So, how’s an eclipse like real estate? Well, I’ve got several thoughts.

One thing that surprised me was how fast it all happened. Totality was the fastest two minutes I’ve ever experienced, but the entire thing came and went in what seemed like no time at all. It reminds me that nothing in real estate – nor in life, really – lasts forever. Things come, things go. Many of us tend to think of a real estate investment as something permanent. It may be long-lasting, but it’s never everlasting. At some point something will change. Best to be prepared for that.
Rather mysterious
Despite science that explains it all, the sense of mystery was strong. Spooky. Weird. Is this really happening? Same thing with real estate. Despite the facts, there’s a bit of mystery wrapped up in every deal. People don’t always do what we expect them to. Odd surprises pop up. The process can slide off, and back onto, the rails for reasons that don’t seem to make sense. It’s all a part of the job. We embrace the mystery, roll with it, and get the job done.
Surprisingly emotional
Again in spite of science, the eclipse experience was oddly emotional. Feelings of awe and amazement came over our group as daylight began to dim. There was a sense of joy, almost euphoria, as totality arrived. And there was a strong feeling of letdown as the sun began to re-emerge. Reminds me of real estate. It’s all about facts and figures. Precise paperwork, adherence to law, and clear communication are essential. And yet emotions often take over. Sometimes we do irrational things in real estate when we ought to be heeding the facts – like folks in ages past who jumped off the cliff in terror when the sun hid behind the moon for two minutes.
An eclipse. A real estate deal. Both, stops along the path of life. It’s good to have friends and guides as we make our way along!