How to Win at Real Estate

How do we win? That’s a good question, and a lot of people I work with have it in their minds if not on their lips.
The answer, of course, depends on how we define win. 
To some – both realtors and their clients – a win means beating the other side. Taking something away. Scoring all the points. If there is a winner, there has to be a loser. I see it differently. And glad to say, most of my clients so far, do as well. A true win is a win for everybody. Neither side gets everything, and everybody gets something. 
So how do we go about winning?

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My approach echoes the excellent life advice contained in the concept: everything you need to know about life, you can learn in kindergarten.

Play nice with others
I always try to use my best manners as I navigate a deal. Getting testy (and I do now and then!) is one thing, but letting it show is another. Direct and firm, sure, but always pleasant! And it goes beyond this. I always try to see things from the other side’s perspective. It helps me see what might be motivating attitudes and actions of the other party as we negotiate. And it helps me explain things to my clients who can get anxious – and even testy – if things don’t go smoothly.

I try to share the burden with the agent on the other side if I can do so without derailing my life. Why not? Doing something to move things along, even if it’s the other agent’s responsibility, can go a long way toward a win for everybody if there’s a snag in the process later on. All parties – buyers, sellers and their agents – want to get to closing. Lightening the load for the other side might get my side closer to the goal.

Finish what you start and pick up after yourself
I try always to keep everything tidy. Meet contract deadlines. Return paperwork promptly. Let the other side know what’s going on. Carry the deal all the way to close, leaving nothing dangling, nothing strewn about, nothing unfinished. I’m not perfect in this regard, but I work at it every day.

Generally speaking, this approach results in smooth negotiations, closed deals, and happy clients. It also results in other agents who’d be happy to bring me a deal the next time. Win, win, win.

If this approach to life and real estate appeals to you, I’m your guy.