Ingredients in Proportion

Anybody who’s known me more than 15 minutes knows I love a well-made Martini. And when I say “well-made” I’m talking about the right ingredients in the right proportions.
There are thousands of cocktail recipes out there, but no matter what anyone tells you, a Martini contains gin and vermouth. In my view, if it doesn’t have both, it’s not a Martini. Don’t even talk to me about vodka. And all those other “–tini” drinks? Beyond the pale!
Proportions can vary with taste. In my book, the proper mix is five parts gin to one part vermouth. But there is always some of each.
What does this have to do with real estate? A real estate deal is like a cocktail. It involves the right in ingredients in the right proportions. And, if done well, it can be quite intoxicating – in the best sense of the word.
So, what’s the recipe?

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 10.20.05 AM.png

Two Basic Ingredients
You You are fundamental to the process. It can’t happen without you being fully in the game. All the decisions are, ultimately, yours.
Your realtor Your realtor is your guide and protector on the way to a deal. He or she has been down this road before and knows the angles. It can be a dangerous place without expert advice, counsel, and, yes, protection.
Adding flavor, texture and spice …
The right buyer If you’re selling, the right buyer is critical. The best offer isn’t always the highest offer. You want a buyer who is straightforward, cooperative, and will stay with it to closing.
The right property If you’re a buyer, none of this makes sense unless you find something that works for you and that you can afford.
The right lender Unless you’re paying cash, you’ll need a lender – one who’s creative, and dedicated to making it work for you.
The right title attorney The hurdles that can pop up out of the blue between contract and close are sometimes flabergasting. On either side of a deal, you need a closer who can keep things on track.
The final nuance …
Attitude Patience and persistence always pay off in this business. Hurdles and surprises are more-or-less inevitable. Stay focused on the goal, refuse to be distracted or deterred, provide everything you are asked for, and allow your relator to handle the chaos.
Intoxicating success will eventually be yours.