Life and Real Estate: What I know now …

Life is a learning process. Ideally we keep learning until we breathe our last. And as I’ve said here before – more than once – real estate is a lot like life in general. 
We learn as we go along. 
Like every other person with a license, I went to real estate school and I passed the state exam. But that’s not really about being a realtor. That’s about going to school and passing an exam. So, I needed a lot of training after getting my license, and that’s a major reason I joined Village. The training here is intense and relentless. Good stuff!
And yet, there’s always more to learn.  

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So here are a few things that I didn’t exactly know when I started almost four years ago, and have picked up along the way:
Every deal is different
Real estate deals are a lot like human beings – constant surprises,  infinite quirks. I’d been told this, but until I’d done it for a while, I didn’t really get it. Truth is, absolutely notwo deals are the same. Most aren’t are even similar. The variations are infinite. So we stay alert, listen, and adapt. Keeps things interesting!
It’s about quality, not quantity
Each property needs exactly one buyer, and each buyer (in most cases) needs exactly one property. The trick lies in putting the right buyer with the right seller. Having 75 people at an open house, or 50 showings in the first week doesn’t matter if the house doesn’t sell. Showing a buyer 24 properties in two days doesn’t matter if we don’t see the right one, or if I write an offer that doesn't win the deal. The task is to listen – very closely – to what my clients want to accomplish and do only those things that will move my client toward the goal. 
It’s really about service
As a rookie in training, I heard this repeatedly from the fabulous Bobbie Noreen, principal broker, guiding star, mentor, and friend: We are a helping profession. At the time I rolled my eyes (just a little – not so anyone would see) and thought to myself, “I’m just here to earn a living.” Well, it turns out Bobbie was right. Serving others is not only a good way to live your life, it also a great way to approach this business. It makes for a lot of happy clients, sells a lot of real estate, and – if you keep at it – earns you a decent living. 
I’m still learning – about real estate and life, both – and hope to keep doing so. I’ll report on other insights as they occur, so watch this space.