Peace on earth. And in real estate, too. Of course.

Peace  – it’s a message we hear a lot this time of year. Worth working toward, but it often eludes us. And that’s a shame. 
We have no control – not even much influence, really – over much of the chaos and dysfunction all around us, but there are things we can do that make a difference closer to home.
There are two things I do that make my life more peaceful. I focus on letting go, and on being grateful. It works in my life and – here’s the cool thing – it works in real estate, too.

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Letting go 
Beating your head against a wall doesn’t help. It doesn’t damage the wall, but it can really damage your head – especially if you keep at it. If you can’t change it, let it go. There’s a lot out there we can’t change, so the letting go – at least for me – is an unending project. But it really makes life better.
When we let the negative go, we open a door to gratitude for good things. This year I’ve made a habit of writing down three things I’m grateful for every morning – before I do anythingelse. Which has had the effect of giving me more to be grateful for. Cool how that works!
So, in real estate … ?
Yep. It works in real estate, too. A real estate transaction – whether you are buying or selling, or both – can be fraught with uncertainty, unexpected twists, and occasional setbacks. And it usually involves tons of money – always a stressor!
But I try to maintain perspective and help my clients do the same. 
As far as I know, no real estate transaction has ever been a matter of life and death. Frustrations, sure. Disappointments, sometimes, yes. But, if you miss getting that perfect house, another will turn up. That promising all-cash buyer wandered away? Another buyer will come along. We can’t change what has happened, but we canlet go, take a deep breath, and move on to the next deal.
And there is so muchto be grateful for! A seller has real property to sell. A buyer gets to go out shopping for a new house. There are millions and millions of people  – right here in Nashville and all around the world – who don’t have this good fortune! Let’s celebrate and enjoy this!
And what am I grateful for this year?
So many things! My sons. My sisters. My friends. My neighbors. My car that hasn’t needed a visit to the mechanic for two years, three months, and counting. My broker team and colleagues at Village. And, of course, my wonderful, amazing clients.