Real Estate Dreaming

David’s been dreaming lately …

Lately, especially after having been on vacation for two of the last four weeks, I’ve become aware that I dream about real estate more-or-less every night. Even when I’m at the beach. Sometimes they’re warm and fuzzy, sometimes they get a little weird, but the dreams seem to happen almost every night. While this might sound obsessive, I really don’t mind it. And, always looking for insights to be found in my current situation, I have found a couple. 


Dreaming about real estate reminds me that Kate and I are working with our clients’ dreams every day that we’re on duty. It’s a big responsibility. Our work involves our clients’ lives, money and aspirations. We have to put focus and energy to the task and do it well. But, I like this. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to help people take care of their real estate needs and realize their dreams. Happy clients make us happy.


Wild and Wonderful

Like dreams, no two real estate deals are ever quite the same. In fact, long-timers have told us repeatedly that there’s no such thing as a typical real estate deal. After 10 months of doing them, we agree – there’s no such thing as a typical deal – and like dreams, they can get a little crazy. But that’s where a good realtor gets to shine. We’ve been able to keep several deals on track and move to closing despite some pretty challenging twists and turns. It’s hard work, but it keeps things interesting. And it’s rewarding when we get to the finish line!


On Duty

Friends have told me that dreaming about work – especially while on vacation – isn’t healthy. But I disagree. It tells me that I’ve jumped into the deep end and I’m swimming. If dreams are windows to the psyche, it’s clear that my psyche has a spot reserved for real estate. And I’m okay with that. This job requires constant attention, occasional laser focus, and a lively imagination. Apparently, my mind is never quite in neutral gear when it comes to real estate, and in a market that moves as fast as this one does, that’s likely a very good thing.