It just seems fitting that we begin this cocktail collection with the grandma of them all, the classic, enduringly elegant, all-time beauty – the Martini.

A couple of things about martinis. There’s no such thing as a vodka martini. And furthermore, though proportions have changed over the years, a martini always consists of gin and vermouth. There’s nothing wrong with a glass of straight, ice-cold vodka (or gin) if you want one, but don’t call it a Martini!

The ideal proportion for our palate is five parts gin to one part vermouth. A little experimentation, at home or with an intelligent bartender, will help you figure out what you like. 


David Paine’s Perfect Martini

  • 5 parts gin
  • 1 part dry vermouth
  • Garnish with olives, a lemon twist or – if you want to call it a Gibson – cocktail onions. 

Sip and savor!