An exceptional cocktail for cold weather! The hassles of winter – absence of light, presence of frozen precipitation, colds and flu – can get you down and/or make you crazy. What better way to file down the rough edges than a smooth, soothing Alexander?

It’s great for cold nights by the fireplace – or in your recliner – slowly warming you up and chilling you out at the same time.

We aren’t generally big fans of sweet drinks, but the Alexander is an exception. Made with gin, crème de cacao and half and half, it’s sort of an alcoholic milk shake, but not as heavy and filling. It has a hint of chocolate flavor and it’s slightly, not overwhelmingly, sweet. Delicious and non-challenging.

A warning: you may be offered a Brandy Alexander. Drink it if you must, but we find them way too sweet.

Here's how to make one

  • One part gin. Any brand will do.
  • One part crème de cacao. Again, any brand will do, but get the brown kind, not clear, or the color of the drink will be pasty white.
  • Two parts half and half. Many recipes call for heavy cream. Overkill. Use half and half.
  • A bit of nutmeg

Shake the liquid ingredients with ice until very cold. Strain into a cocktail glass or a small tumbler, grate a little nutmeg on top and serve.