Everybody's absolute favorite!

As the season transitions out of the bleak midwinter into the promising days of almost-spring, we find our tastebuds hankering for something a little lighter, cleaner, more citrusy. But also with a punch, of course. The Sidecar has all that in spades and more. It is simply the best day-in, day-out cocktail there is. 

The Sidecar is another 20th century classic, going back to the days of WWI, when it is said (who knows if these things are true) officers who had to ride in freezing motorcycle sidecars drank them to keep warm. The history really doesn't matter though. You'll love them in the here and now!

A caution: The lemon juice simply must be squeezed fresh. It's not hard to do, and no lemon-juice-like product you can buy will make a good Sidecar. Another caution: Not all bars know how to make Sidecars correctly. There's no harm or shame in asking your friendly barkeep if the establishment's policy is to actually squeeze lemons. If they don't, order something else. Or go home and make your own.


  • Two parts brandy. Cheap stuff works perfectly. No need to use cognac.
  • One part triple sec. Cointreau is our favorite, but it's rather pricy. Plain old triple sec works fine.
  •   One part fresh-squeezed lemon juice.

Shake with ice until it's freezing cold and strain into a cocktail (martini) glass. Easy to make and sure to please!