Deep Hypnosis

To quote the boys of Monty Python, now for something completely different. 

Recently we were invited by our long-time friend Barbara and her hubby Ian to come over for a sip of something and a conversation about real estate. Two of our favorite things, of course, so we said yes, expecting maybe a glass of wine and some crackers. To our delight we were presented with a gorgeous spread of tasty things to eat, and a brand new (to us, anyway) cocktail invented by Barbara and our mutual long-time friend, Tania.

Ordinarily we try to stick to tried-and-true basic ingredients, not getting into the oddball and/or hard-to-find stuff. Well, here we make a big exception. This concoction uses two things we’d never tried, Hpnotiq, a slivery-blue liqueur from France, and Deep Eddy Lemon, a tart lemon-flavored vodka from Austin, Texas. And – WOW – do they make a great combo!

A little tart, a little sweet, a lot smooth, and somehow perfect for a temperate afternoon on the porch as summer fades into fall. Just lovely!

So, before September gets too far gone, run out and get some Hpnotiq and Deep Eddy Lemon – most larger stores carry both – and mix up a few of these delights. While you’re sipping, throw a great big shout-out to Barbara and Tania!

Deep Hypnosis

  • 2 parts Deep Eddy Lemon
  • 1 part Hpnotiq
  • Club soda

Combine the first two ingredients in a shaker, shake until freezing cold, decant into a cocktail glass and top-off with a little club soda. And if you wish, float a thin slice of lime on top.