Sweet, sour, slippery and ... blue!

Hot weather continues, and our need for cooling comfort is unabated. So why not have a sip of something that not only tastes refreshing, but looks refreshing too. That’s just what you get in a Kamikaze.

As is probably obvious from the photo, a Kamikaze is made with blue curaçao. We have absolutely no idea what “they” were thinking when “they” came up with a blue liqueur flavored with orange, but we’re glad they did. What a lovely, soothing vision on a sweltering afternoon! 

And while we’re talking about ingredients, it's important to know that a proper Kamikaze is made with gin, not vodka. We take a dim view of vodka as a cocktail ingredient because it brings no flavor to the party. And cocktails are all about flavor. The gin in a Kamikaze brings a sharp edge to the mix that helps balance out the sweetness of the curaçao. You’ll find Kamikaze recipes out there that call for vodka. Ignore them. You’ll be glad you did!


  • Two parts gin
  • One part blue curaçao
  • One part fresh-squeezed lime juice 

Combine the ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake until freezing cold, and serve straight up.